November 2017
Franciscan University Presents
Abba’s Heart

In the Old Testament, God was rarely seen as a father, though there are several references to God as the father of Israel (Deuteronomy 32:6; Isaiah 63:16). The Israelites knew that God had chosen them and related to them as a father leading his clan; they could see this especially in the Lord’s actions as He rescued His people from Egypt. This stood in deep contrast with the pagan deities, who were weak and often did not protect their worshipers. It is a son who reveals a father, however, and only the eternal Son could reveal that God was a Father through all eternity. One reason the Pharisees wanted to kill Jesus was because He spoke of God as His father, which would mean He was God’s equal. Even when we reflect on everything that God has revealed to us in history and through nature, we cannot see the complete picture unless we see God through the eyes of Jesus the Son. If we rely on our own perceptions, we are leaning on a fallen nature that is prone to distortion and error.


Sunday, November 5, at 10 pm ET
Thursday, November 9, at 5 am ET
Saturday, November 11, at 4 pm ET

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