The Ukrainian Struggle: Freedom with Dignity Over Corruption and Power

By Dr. Alexander R. Sich

In 1998 my family returned to the U.S. from our first home leave overseas, for what eventually ended up being twelve years living and working in Ukraine—including experiencing first-hand Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. News reports in recent days have rekindled memories of our Ukrainian experiences. My own personal recollections lead me to believe that what Ukraine is experiencing now is not, as some outsiders might think, merely a new chapter in an old Cold War struggle between East and West. The protestors are fighting for more than freedom for freedom’s sake, but a freedom with dignity that has been out of reach for far too long.

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Dr. Alvin Plantinga — Refuting Naturalism by Citing our own Consciousness

Dr. Alvin Plantinga, professor emeritus, Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, speaks on “Science and Religion: Where the Conflict Really Lies”, a presentation from Franciscan University’s 2012 Science and Faith Conference: “Can Science Inform Our Understanding of God?”

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