Dr. John Bergsma — Young Adult Life

Dr. John Bergsma, biblical scholar and theologian at Franciscan University of Steubenville, shared his testimony at Franciscan University’s 2009 Defending the Faith Conference “Reasons for Hope.”  Dr. Bergsma speaks of his experience of God’s grace acting in his life to produce a true converso, a turning-around from Calvinism to the fullness of the faith in Catholicism.  “What I’m here to tell you about today is God grasping me and flipping me around,” said Bergsma, “to reveal a Catholicism that in a sense was always there, but I didn’t know it till it was revealed.”  In a journey that includes his father’s friendship with Cardinal John O’Connor, his parents’ openness to life, and encounters with the fidelity of Catholic priests, Dr. Bergsma gives a highly personal and remarkably powerful witness to the love of God and the grace mediated through God’s faithful servants.

PODCAST: Download a podcast of the full talk here.

Living Chastity in Today’s World

Kimberly Hahn, popular speaker and author of many books, gave the closing keynote talk entitled “Knowing God’s Will, Transforming Your Mind” at Franciscan University of Steubenville’s 2010 Defending the Faith Conference “Be Transformed by the Renewal of Your Mind.”  In her talk, Kimberly exhorted the audience to embrace the path to holiness and give themselves entirely over to Jesus Christ.  “What has Jesus withheld from you?  Nothing,” she said.  “And he asks the same in return.  We are to give all of ourselves to him…Don’t be conformed to this world.  We don’t even know the ways we are conformed to this world!  We don’t even know the ways in which we are influenced!…How do we even begin to change the way we think if we are immersed in our own culture?  That comes from the transformation of our minds.”

PODCAST: Download a podcast of the full talk here.

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