Marriana Leach: Authentic vs. Counterfeit Love in Dating Relationships: How Far is Too Far

How do I know I’m ready to date? What do I do when I have a crush on someone? How do I get the love I am looking for?

Marriana Leach, writer and speaker for The Culture Project, offers practical thoughts on the reality of the beauty of the human person, virtue, and communication her talk entitled “Authentic vs. Counterfeit Love in Dating Relationships: How Far is Too Far”. Ms. Leach’s talk was part of the Gift of Human Sexuality Symposium at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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Chris Lowney — Courage: An Essential Leadership Quality

Chris Lowney, author of “Heroic Leadership”, speaking on ” What 21st-Century Leaders Can Learn from 16th-Century Priests”, a presentation given on February 16, 2012 for Franciscan University’s Distinguished Speakers Series.

Courage Like Spider-Man’s

What Spider-Man can teach us about living like a hero.

I’m no movie buff, but it seems to me that movies of great value all too rarely make their way out of Hollywood. I want movies that reveal reality to me in a new light and teach me about the human condition. I want something closer to art than the trash that often passes for entertainment. I want stories connected to the one eternal story of sin and redemption. Have I set impossible standards? Movies such as Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 tell me otherwise.

What makes Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 such outstanding movies isn’t the amazing camera work, stunts, special effects, and acting. It’s the one thing all those elements depend on: telling a story that models how we ought to live our lives—courageously, like Spider-Man.

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